Meet the Community Leaders that are on

Team Christine Moore

From City Council Members to fellow School Board Members to County Commissioners, Christine has the most support in this race. The community leaders on this page understand how important it is to have a competent and experienced commissioner representing district two.

Bill Sublette

Orange County School Board Chair


Linda Kobert

Orange County School Board Member - District 3

Joie Cadle

Orange County School Board Member - District 1

Pam Gould

Orange County School Board Member - District 4

Daryl Flynn

Orange County School Board Member - District 2

Nancy Robbinson

Orange County School Board Member - District 6

Pete Clarke

Orange County Commissioner

Rusty Johnson

City of Ocoee Mayor

Dale McDonald

City of Maitland Mayor

Joseph McMullen

Town of Oakland Commissioner

Diane Velazquez

Former Apopka City Commissioner

Charlotte White

Northwest Orange Republican Women, President

Hear from them yourself:

"Christine Moore is a strong, qualified leader whose ability to think “outside of the box” can bring great benefits to the residents of District 2."

-Orange County School Board Chair Bill Sublette


"I appreciate Christine Moore’s effort to work collaboratively on behalf of children with all members of the School Board. She will become an influential Orange County Commissioner."

-School Board Member Nancy Robbinson


"Christine Moore was a key member of the Florida School Boards Association team during a time in which it needed to reinvent itself utilizing a strategic planning process. I believe she will make an excellent Orange County Commissioner.”

-School Board Member Joie Cadle


"You won’t find another person who works as hard for their community as Christine does.  For the past ten years I’ve seen firsthand the effort she put forth protecting arts, athletics and academics."

-School Board Member Daryl Flynn


"Christine Moore is a proven leader. The new Maxey Elementary is one HUGE example of her dedication to all students. Christine Moore will always have my support!"

-Oakland Commissioner Joseph McMullen